International business credit reports from Experian

Doing business with companies across international borders carries elevated risks. Our international reports enable more accurate risk assessment, reduces potential fraud, and helps you comply with regulatory requirements.

Experian offers single reports as well as annual subscription plans to our international business credit profiles. Subscription plans include up to 10 and 20 reports per year. Pricing and a list of which countries are included in these plans can be found on our Products and pricing page. Need more than 20 reports per year? Ask us

International business reports are available on companies located in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Why check an International Business Credit Report?

Here are some challenges that companies deal with when doing business globally:

  • Stiff penalties from failure to meet Know Your Customer requirements.
  • Increased exposure to fraud and other risks due to lack of currency, availability, and depth of information on international partners and suppliers.
  • Significantly higher costs of acquiring reliable international business information.

The report provides a snapshot of key elements associated with a business, including:

  • Country-specific business information
  • Business name and address
  • Registration information
  • Business facts
  • Credit risk ranking
  • Financial and management information
  • Negative facts including Judgments, Bankruptcies, Injunctions to pay, Tax arrears, Insolvencies, Bad payment experiences, and more