Business Valuation Report

Often a business owner's largest asset is the business itself. Business Valuation is the heart of investment and risk management.

Business Valuations are traditionally conducted by financial appraisers and can run you several thousands of dollars and take several weeks to complete.

What was once a time-consuming, expensive ordeal is now a highly-accurate, cost-effective and fast process that gives you a key metric for decision making and immediate insight into what you need to be protected and secure.

For $99.00 Experian will provide you with a dynamically driven customized Business Valuation Report containing over 25 pages of financial details on the general estimates of fair market value and liquidation value of your profiled business.

Why do you need this report?

Business valuation can be at the heart of investment and risk management. Knowing your company's financial value will help you:

  • Obtain adequate insurance coverage
  • Get a loan
  • Raise capital
  • Sell your business
  • Protect your wealth and estate planning

Report content includes:

  • Equity Value
  • Asset Sale Value
  • Enterprise Value
  • Liquidation Value
  • Key Performance Indicators