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Welcome Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Kapitus® has joined with Experian to make it easy for you to understand your business credit report and score online.

To help you build your business credit score and monitor the financial health of your business with Business Credit Advantagesm, Experian is offering this premium subscription plan:

  • Unlimited access to your most complete business credit report and score
  • Daily monitoring by Experian for credit profile changes
  • Alert email notifications to the subscriber
  • Detection of business information found on the Dark Web
  • Custom score improvement tips and easy identification of your reported trade detail
  • Experian Commercial Relations customer support for data resolution

Start by searching for your business in Experian's business credit database and select Business Credit Advantage at checkout. Single reports are also available for purchase.

If your business has recently been formed or is unable to be found after conducting a search, you will have the ability to establish your business profile.

Correcting data once you have your report

Experian wants your business credit report to be as accurate as possible. If you believe information on your company's report is incorrect, the dispute resolution process is very simple.

First, you'll need to obtain and review a copy of your company's business credit report. Then please use the convenient "Submit data dispute" button found at the bottom of the report and complete the online form.

Requests are processed in the order received. Note that if you would like to update business information only (items such as business name, address, industry code, employees, sales and executives), an authenticated officer of your business can make these changes directly, at no cost. View our informational and update portal at www.BusinessCreditFacts.com.

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