Business Credit Report and Score

A good business credit report and score are essential for getting the money you need to successfully run and grow your business. Good business credit can save you money with lower interest rates, provide business credit without the need for a personal guarantee, and improve the overall image of your company.

Business credit reports can also serve a vital role in managing credit risk with companies that you deal with.

The information in Experian's business credit reports is continually updated, always accessible and includes: Experian credit ranking score and credit summary, Key facts about the business, Corporate registration and contact information, Key personnel, and a lot more.

Experian's Business Information Services is a leader in providing data and predictive insights to organizations, helping them mitigate risk and improve profitability. The company's business database provides comprehensive, third-party-verified information on 99.9 percent of all U.S. companies, with the industry’s most extensive data on the broad spectrum of small and midsize businesses.

Enrollment in Experian's Business Credit Advantage unlimited access and monitoring service is the best way to manage and grow your business credit. Unlimited access to your business credit report gives you the tools you need to manage and grow your credit score. And, automatic email alerts provide you the monitoring tools to watch your credit file for any inquires or derogatory filings.  
Business Credit Report

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Why monitor your Experian business credit?

Business credit reports form the basis for decisions other businesses make about you. By using our you can make sure that data in your business credit report is accurate, which will enable the following financial decisions:

  • How much business credit a supplier will extend to you
  • What interest rates you will pay
  • How much money lending institutions will loan you
  • How your customers view you
  • What your insurance premiums will be
  • The level of potential investor interest

Why evaluate other companies' business credit reports?

Many experienced and successful entrepreneurs all agree that success is in the details. By utilizing an objective to monitor a partner or supplier's company credit report, you can discover the following in advance:

  • The status of prospective customers' payment practices
  • Existing clients' business conditions
  • Suppliers' historical relationships with others
  • Notifications about changes to suppliers' or customers' business credit reports
  • What your competitors are doing
  • Other financially pertinent details

Why do a Business Credit Check?

An objective, accurate business credit report provides access to critical information needed for making informed financial business decisions about whom you do business with and at what price. The table below presents what data might be available and how it helps:

What you get: How it helps:
Business background information Decide whether to do business with a company
Comprehensive financial information Assess business risk of extending terms and credit levels
Credit risk factors Avoid surprises from current customers when you review them for credit increases
Banking, trade and collection history Know what to expect based on an account's historical business practices
Past liens, judgments, business registrations and bankruptcies Quickly determine whether you can confidently make a credit decision concerning a new customer or if further investigation is needed
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings Determine your credit position relative to other creditor positions that may already be in place

Minimizing business risk

Receiving updates about the credit status of key business relationships is easy, affordable and convenient using an online There are no hardware or software requirements, access is through your Web browser, and critical credit data is delivered to your email address. Track and monitor issues that indicate when a business may be headed for trouble, such as:

  • Learning if a key supplier is planning to go out of business
  • Knowing when a key account begins to get behind on payments
  • Discovering if your own credit report contains errors that can negatively affect your cash flow position

Trust Experian for your Business Credit Report needs

  • Easy-to-read business credit reports
  • Search free before buying
  • Flexible options for one or many reports
  • Reliable business credit score factors
  • "Change alert" notifications for business credit protection
  • Verified data on more than 27 million businesses
  • Secure access via safe credit card transaction
  • No sales calls or gimmicks

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